Sunday, May 17, 2009

New dinner time rule

Let me start off first with we created a rule for interrupting. The kid who wants to talk says, "I want to say something," and then has to wait until we tell them it's their turn. Usually this meant the first kid would do it, and then everyone else would want to talk also.

Here's how the conversation would go:

adult conversation, kids looking bored.
Superman: I want to tell something.
Batman and Princess: I want to tell something too.
Me: Okay, Superman, what do you have to say?
Superman: Diego
Me: what did Diego do?
Superman: he rescued animals! (very excited about this)
Me: OKay, Batman.
Batman: Batman fought bad guys.
Princess: Alicia and Diego rescue cheetah!

So after a month or two of this we made a new rule: At dineer you can't talk about Batman, Diego, Dora, or anyone else pretend. We can only talk aobut friends, family, and Jesus or God. Here's how the new conversation goes.

Princess: I want to say something!
Me: Okay
Princess: Die- I mean Mommy!
Me: WHat'd Mommy do?
Princess: rescue cheetahs! (I apparently rescue a lot of cheetahs, because I will get told this about five times a meal, and that's the only animal I ever rescue).
Batman: Bat- Jesus!
Me: What did Jesus do?
Batman: Jesus fought bad guys and killed them! (He is entirely too happy and excited about this)

I am happy to say our conversations have gotten better. I still rescuse lots of animals according to Princess, but the boys now tell us things Jesus really did, like walking and talking with his friends. And they tell us things they did with their friends and other things like that.

It's getting better........ Honest

Oh, and apparently kid scissors can cut the webbing on the bunk beds. I don't know how.
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