Friday, May 8, 2009

Lions and well really it's just lions

We're studying zoo animals for the next few weeks, so I had each of the kids choose their favorite animals to print off and make a craft of. So, here's the first animal that we're making for a craft, and I'm going to show you how.

Total time for craft: 15-20 minutes at most

1. Go to, if you haven't been there before you are in for a treat. I clicked on the murals button and went to the Noah's Ark mural, it has the most of the types of animals I'm looking for. But, if you explore her site you will see lots and lots of really cool animals to color. So, I sat each kid on my lap and let them choose all the animals they wanted to do. If I'd thought of it in time I would have printed these off on cardstock for sturdiness, but oh well.

2. Next I found clip art of the food lions eat (meat) and where they live (African savannah) on google and printed it off.

3. Let your kid color the lion. You get some very interesting colors.


4. On the back write what the lion eats and where he lives. Let your kid cut out the pictures and glue them on. Notice that you really should have made the pictures smaller for them to fit better.

NOTE: for Princess I cut the pictures out somewhat and left just small straight lines for her to cut.

5. Get out some yarn, in the ideal world you would have gone out and bought lion colored yarn. In my world, you think "Everyone keeps saying "Ticia you're crafty, have these craft supplies I don't want,"" so I have about 10 different colors of yarn, none of them natural animal colors. Cut a length of about 3-4 feet, have your child cut this into small pieces.

Notice the tip of his tongue sticking out as he concentrates

6. While your kid is cutting, you cover the lion's main and tuft of his tail in glue, if you trust your kid's glueing ability they can do it, but mine haven't mastered the art of precision glueing.

7. Start putting the pieces of yarn all over the glue. This can take a while depending on how many pieces they cut their yarn into. Princess cut several small pieces and one BIG piece.


You're all done, enjoy your lion!

The front view is Superman's the back view is Batman's, I have no idea what Princess did with hers.

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