Monday, August 30, 2010

Bike-riding fun

002We haven’t really ridden our bikes much this summer.  It’s just hard to summon the umph to go out and bike ride when it’s over 100 degrees.  Well, they cornered me, and I agree we could go for a “walk” around the circle (the other part of the street that forms a loop) when we got home after dinner.  I thought by then it might have cooled off some, and only be in the 90s.  Well, I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong, but they held me to it.





So, they happily charged off around the circle.  Batman wearing his boots, and Superman wearing socks and sandals.  Who said 5 year olds have no fashion sense?


Meanwhile Princess followed along behind on her scooter, and I circled along trying to keep my balance on my bike at the snail’s pace we seemed to be going at.


005 004 003

I’m sorry, I meant we raced along full speed.  Daring people to catch us.  There was nothing slow about this.



And of course you must ride through the water sprinklers.  I didn’t set a bad example at all by riding through it, and we didn’t have to go back and ride through it several times.  Not at all………


Okay, maybe a little.  But, it was over 100 freaking degrees at 8:30.  Come on, have some pity man.  And now the kids want me to turn on our sprinklers for us to run through them.  Note to self learn how to turn on sprinklers.

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