Thursday, August 5, 2010

My birthday weekend!

Okay, I just wanted to put some of these pictures up because they’re way too cute!  And how else will I remember these important things, without pictures?
We started off the weekend with Tara keeping the kids for the night.  SCORE!  Jeff and I attempted to see a movie, but ended up getting dinner and heading home for a movie there.

The next morning we got to watch the movie from the night before, and had a blast!  Then we picked the kids up and Tara came over and we watched movies and had chocolate fondue (that’s the picture).

004 003
Okay, those are just because I’m so happy we finally got a chance to use it (though realistically we need more people for it to make sense for the use of materials).

017 014 015 016
And on my birthday we went swimming.  My request for my birthday was, I don’t want to cook at all.  So, Jeff came up with a plan of going to Olive Garden, going swimming, and I got breakfast in bed.

All in all, I’d say I scored for my birthday!
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