Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movies and memory association



Have you ever noticed how much you associate movies with memories?


I was thinking about this as we watched Return of the Jedi on Thursday.


As I watched it I remembered watching it with the youth group in high school.  And a friend of mine leaned over and wondered if we’d fast forward past Princess Leia swinging across the chasm because you could see her but if you watched it in slow motion.  This of course led to me asking him how he knew this.


I also remembered watching all of these movies so often with Sam and Tara.  I thought about watching the final prequel movie just after having the boys and commenting frequently during that movie how she was NOT pregnant with twins, and how much we made fun of it.



Then I got to thinking about other movies I associate with things.  I associate Star Trek movies with my family and growing up.  Deep Space 9 with Jeff because we watched the entire series on DVD together when we were first married.  I associate Shrek with him too, and went to see the sequels because they remind me of dating Jeff.  Sadly the sequels have gotten gradually worse and worse…….


But, it just got me to musing how much movies can trigger memories, both good and bad.  Do you have any movies that trigger memories for you?

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