Wednesday, August 18, 2010

History: Minoans


One of our history lessons this week, in addition to the Egypt and mummies lesson was about the Minoans, and the minotaur.  Well, my kids really liked this concept, and so we built ourselves a maze for our minotaur.

While yes we could have gotten the super cool Minotaurus game, which I’m sure we will someday soon.  I want to save that for a Christmas present, and I”m not quite convinced my kids are old enough yet.

So, we made our own.

004 002
With much arguing about how to build this maze and what qualifies for something to be in the maze, and how the minotaur should look.

Finally, our first maze was built.  I say first because the kids decided we needed to build a second bigger one that took up most of the coffee table.

By the way, do you like our minotaur?  He’s in the middle (the lego guy with about 3 bricks on his head).

To follow up we watched the Disney Atlantis movie, because some theorize the disappearance of Crete is where Plato got the story of Atlantis from.

Here’s what the kids remembered about the Minoans:  The minotaur lived in a maze.  He was a bad guy.  He lived on Crete.  The king of the Minoans put him there.

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