Friday, August 6, 2010

Preschool Corner: Field Trip!


I’m going to pretend I intended this as a learning experience, and not just an excuse for me to be able to go out and see a musical with the girls.
003 Princess and I went to go see Annie at the Zilker Summer Musical with some friends (almost all girls, that poor one guy did it because he couldn’t say no to his cousin at this time, sneaky Tara).  She had a blast, and loved all the music.  So, what did she learn while there?
Audience participation is key.  The actors would not be able to finish the songs without Princess helping them do the motions.  This could also be called exercise.
Friendship is important.  I have been friends with the people in this picture for at least half my life.  So, she got to see the interaction between long term friends who have been through many hard things together and through many joyous things together.

A well stocked bag is important to have.  How else will you entertain yourself?


Philanthropy starts young.  And is always appreciated.  She enjoyed giving money to the actors at intermission.

Sleep hard.  It is always important to get your beauty rest.  Honest, she didn’t even wake up when I moved her from the car, and put her diaper on.

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And I include these because the boys were way too cute.  Aren’t they?
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