Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Geography: Washington and what we did

Did you know it’s incredibly hard to find books on the state of Washington?  I looked it up and I mostly got books on Washington D.C. or a lot of books on George Washington and his teeth and something about a cherry tree……
So, I emailed Debbie over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn and asked her what she would suggest studying about Washington, and she gave me a great list:
Captain Gray and Grays Harbor, Marcus Whitman, Lewis and Clark, The Hudson Bay Company (a fur trading party) known for Fort Colville, Fort Spokane, Steptoe Butte and the Great Battle
Indian Tribes: Yakima Indians, Spokane Indians, Nezpierce Indians
You could even look at things like: Grande Coulee Dam, Columbia River, Pallouse Country, Grays Harbor, The World Fairs of 1962 in Seattle and in 1974 in Spokane, Mount St. Helens and it's eruption in 1980, Mount Rainier, North Cascade, Levenworth, WA, Snoqualimie Falls, WA

Isn’t that a great list?  And then I went down to our little library, and was able to only find a couple of books on Lewis and Clark, and one on Mount St. Helens, but I found some fun books on some of their symbols.

Washington Symbols- cool website of their pictures

So, I can’t find all the cool stuff we did for the lapbook, or the lapbook.  I’ve since remedied that situation for future lapbooks by hole-punching them with my super cool new binding machine, and putting them straight into a notebook before they’re even done.  That way as we make pieces I can glue it in.  Smart…..
We learned about dragonflies and made a dragonfly to play with (I also used this as a model at our local MOPS group of crafts to do).  Then we learned what they eat and such.
And of course if you’re going to read about Washington state you have to learn about Mount St. Helen, which my kids were fascinated by.

So, what do you do with kids who are fascinated by it, of course you make one, and then they tell you about it:
Washington Flip Book
And, ummmm….. that would be with the stuff I can’t find.  So pretend you read something really cute about volcanoes and how there are no volcanoes in Texas, and that they love fossils.
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