Friday, August 13, 2010

GIVEAWAY: CSN stores gift certificate

Okay, so ages ago I told you it was coming.  Well, it’s here now.

What’d I end up getting?
Well, I got a pirate ship, a pet shop, a bedroom set, and a prisoner cage.  I had won a gift certificate from another giveaway and used that as well as some of my own money, and now I’ve made a serious dent in Christmas shopping.

What’d I learn this time?

1.  There’s a free shipping threshold, it seems to be at about $70.  Don’t quote me on that.

2.  You can only use one gift certificate per purchase.  So don’t plan to combine several.

3.  They do a great job at notifying you what’s happening with your purchases.  The reason this took so long from the teaser post is one of my items was backordered.  They sent me an email notifying me of it, and then follow up emails as the status changed.

4.  It’s very hard to hide mail like this from my kids.  But I was eventually successful.  Mostly.

What do you get to win?
$30 gift certificate code, that is usable once.  So, you have to find something worth about $30.

How to enter?

1.  Head on over to CSN stores and find something you want (I know I have a long wishlist of Christmas items to get from there), and tell me what you want.

Extra entries
1.  Follow me
2.  Mail us postcards (worth 3 extra because I have 3 kids), if you’ve already done this put in the three comments to let me know.
3.  Like me on facebook.
4.  Aw heck, just because I’m so darn nice.  Make sure to put each of these extra entries as a comment.

That’s potentially: 7 entries.

Giveaway closes next Saturday (August 22), make sure I have a way to contact you or else that entry becomes kind of useless.

To the best of my knowledge this is only United States and Canada.  They do ship internationally, but this certificate is set up for those two places.
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