Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Granddad turned 70!

057 So, how better to celebrate than with a surprise party?



Now ideally you don’t begin the night with a cranky and overly tired 3 year old.  But, we didn’t get to have that part of the plan go well.  It’d been a busy day of meeting Bobba Fett and all.  But, that’s how the evening started pre-Granddad’s arrival.  But, it got better eventually.





047 042

The kids very excitedly signed the birthday “card.”



Princess was of course much happier once she could start pigging out on strawberries (sigh, so I put a quick link up so that every time I typed the word start it would link to my stART activities, and now I can’t use the word without it linking.  It’s actually kind of funny).




And the boys were much happier (all 3 of them), once they were able to disappear upstairs with their cousin and play the Lego game they’d given him for his birthday (which I am happy to report was a big hit, and I’m sure will be a Christmas present in our house).



And of course what else happens when you have family together but family pictures.


083 073 082080 

It really is hard to get good pictures of kids.  They never all look the same way at the same time, or aren’t making faces.  Crazy silly kids.




And of course what’s a party without cake.  And 70 candles no less, which was AWESOME!


Amazingly enough all of my kids stayed awake for the whole thing.  Quite happily all of the various late birthday presents we delivered were quite liked.

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