Sunday, August 15, 2010

Science Sunday: Mummies!

Warning, not for the easily grossed out, or germ-o-phobes.
We started studying Egypt this week, and what do you think of when you think of Egypt, but mummies.  So, taking a page from the Story of the World Ancient History, we’re making a mummy.
Supplies: chicken (we used a cornish game hen, to ensure it was small enough), 3 cans of salt, 1 can of baking powder, 1 can of baking soda

1.  Wash your chicken, inside and out.  Make sure to have a lot of soap on hand for washing your hands to get rid of germs.





2.  Dry the chicken.  The dryer it is the more quickly it will mummify (or that was my interpretation of what the instructions was saying).






3.  Add your salt, half of your baking powder, and half of your baking soda.  Don’t you love the exact details it’s giving.






4.  Put your dry chicken in the bag, put salt in the middle (to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow there, and to help dry out the inside).  Then begin to put salt all around the chicken.




Scientifically, what’s happening?  Well, let me tell you.  The salt is slowly removing the moisture from the chicken (this whole process is going to take about a month).  Here’s a site talking about mummifying a hot dog.  Sorry, I’d look for a better explanation, but the kids are getting restless, and I’d like to get a few other posts written.


So, what’d ya’ll do?  I’ll have periodic updates on our chicken (who 2 days later is still not stinky, so I must have done something right).

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