Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cool giveaway coming up and I need your help deciding

So, I’ve been contacted by CSN stores and I get to do a review/host a giveaway, and I”m trying to decide what I want to review.  It’s hard they have over 200 stores, I glanced quickly at the barstools (because we have this lovely bar counter, but only 2 stools, and you may have noticed, I have 3 kids).  But, if I got a bar stool, then I couldn’t host a giveaway.  So, that went out the window.  I drooled over the classroom furniture…..  Because, I have endless room in my house for all the teaching furniture of my dreams, oh wait I don’t.  And I dreamed of the pretty house, I will never have, but could if I got some of their accent furniture.
Here’s the things I’m thinking of so far:
This lamp, it doesn’t quite match the room I want to put it in, but it sure is cute.  And I desperately need more lamps in that room.  It’s always dark.
I’m not seriously looking at this, but my kids would love me forever if I got it.
I think all of my kids would like to play with this pet store.
Princess would love this doll closet with clothes.
This cool cutting board, I’m somewhat successfully growing herbs, and it’d be nice to have something to cut them on.
This disc swing, because Princess has outgrown her baby swing.  Or, so I’ve declared.
An actual analog clock, so I can start teaching my kids to tell time.
And finally, because I think I’ve spent an hour going through their different sites, and all the kids are now awake.  This super cool scissors holder with scissors.

So, any suggestions?  I’m not going to tell you exactly what I choose because I want it to be a surprise when I review it, but I know what I’m leaning towards.  But, I could be persuaded to any of them, except the bunk bed.  My kids already tried that, and they were not successful.  We’ve had too many ER trips already, and my boys would find all the dangerous things to do with that bed.
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