Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We’re dreaming about good vibrations……


Something cool I just found: Five J’s, it’s a free geography curriculum.  I’m going to find out more, but figured I’d share what I’d found, in case someone else wanted it.
Now, on to what we learned about.  Can you guess which state we started?  I readily admit I’m basing most of what we’re learning about California from growing up in California, and a lot of that is specifically from my second grade science units, so here’s my specific things I want to cover in California:
1.  The gold rush, will hopefully be taught today
2.  Monarch butterflies, if I can find the picture you’ll get to see me as a butterfly in second grade.
3.  Humpback whales, another unit from my second grade science
4.  Sea otters and harbor seals- I specifically remember learning about the otters in second grade at Country Lane Elementary, as far as I know the plaque we made for our science units is still hanging in my Mom’s house.  Yes, I was that talented, or my Mom was that proud.  You choose.

So, what am I going to start off telling you about what we did?  We read Humphrey the Whale, which I’ve mentioned here, and watched the Reading Rainbow episode.  I also found some news reports from when it happened.

Now, I had all sorts of ideas of where we would go from there, maybe even watching Star Trek IV.
Don’t tell me this isn’t one of the main clips you think of when you remember this movie?  Oh, I’m getting off topic.  I love this movie.

So, the kids took over at this point, and they were absolutely intrigued by going whale watching, and were quite sure we needed to go now.  They were not understanding that you can’t really do that in a landlocked city.  So, we did the next best thing.
We went whale watching on my bed.  Batman, Princess, and I were up on the bed and were the whale watchers.  Superman was the whale.  He occasionally got beached on our boat, and we had to push him off.  That’s the second picture there.  And then Batman decided he was a human that can change into a jaguar, and he was going to fight the whale.  At this point all learning experience gained from this deteriorated, as it just became a “knock Superman off the bed” game.  This was also wildly popular.
For more great Geography ideas head on over to Debbie over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.
And, how many of you have that Beach Boys song stuck in your head now?  Who has also moved on to having California Dreamin, or California Girls stuck in their heads?

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