Monday, April 26, 2010

Way too Many Cool places to find crafts

I thought about saying just look at my blog roll, but that would be incomplete, because my blog roll is not up to date, and besides I want to categorize this somewhat.
Features all sorts of crafts (for parents and kids)
4 Crazy Kings
5 Orange Potatoes
Cheerios Underfoot
Casa Camacho
Katie’s Nesting Spot
Features Kids crafts
Catholic Icing- obviously these are religious themed crafts
Fun with Mama
Little Wonder’s Days
Also includes learning activities
A Mommy’s Adventures
Almost Unschoolers
Bubbles, Balloons, and Blessings
Brimful Curiosities
Along the Way
Buffaloes and Butterflies
Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Always Something to Learn
Chasing the Goose
Delightful Learning
Excellence in Early Childhood Education
Frugal Family Fun
Homeschool Creations
Inspirations Surrounds Creativity Abounds
Joyful Learner
Tired, Need Sleep
The Activity Mom
Superheroes and Princesses
Sewing School
Pocketful of Posies
Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns
Mom Tried It
Mama Smiles
Mama to 3 Blessings
Mama Jenn
Living With Fairies
As you can see, most of the ones also feature learning activities.  It’s really hard to do too many crafts without it straying into learning things.  These are only the ones I’m following, and that’s not all of them.  I didn’t want it to go on forever and ever and ever.   It kind of already does.
Next part coming up, organization and such.
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