Thursday, April 1, 2010

stART: South American inspired


love and roast chicken

This isn’t particularly inked to anyone book.  We’ve been reading lots of books about South America, and every single one of them had me thinking of crayon resist painting.  So finally, after readin “Love and Roast Chicken” (which to be truthful would have been a great one for making stamps, because it reminded me of wood carving drawings, but we didn’t have the styrofoam……), we finally had time to do the craft.  It seems like lately all we’ve been doing is run errands and do stuff all over.  Oh, that totally reminds me I need to check out a book soon……  It’s totally a  spring book.


Supplies: crayons, paper, watercolors,……


The kids were somewhat thrilled with this, but really they just wanted to get to the painting.  Valerie, from Frugal Family Fun (if you don’t read her blog, head over there now, she has BRILLIANT ideas), said gauchos are the coolest thing from South America, and we talked about them and how they’re like our cowboys as we colored pictures of them in  bright colors.  Except for Batman, who decided his gaucho would be black.  I’m not kidding, black, all black.

Sadly, they weren’t super interested in gauchos.  It would have helped if I could have found any books on them at all to show pictures, or anything, but no, not at our library.  I even talked about how they had lassos and boots…….  But no, just give me the paint Mom.

I kept encouraging them to color it all in, and color hard, but they weren’t really interested.  But, finally we got to the watercolor, and they’re interest perked up a little.


And paint they did.  I thought watercolors would be a little harder to stain yourself with, and that we wouldn’t need baths after this….. But, NOOOOOOO.  Princess still managed to paint herself and need a bath afterwards.  This did make us a little late for the next thing we were supposed to be doing.  I’d have a picture of her painting, but as soon as she was done she stripped herself naked, and ran to the bath tub declaring “I take bath first!”  With the boys chasing after her, “No we’re taking a bath first.”

For those of you with lots of kids of both genders, how do you handle this whole bath thing?  We’ve come to the conclusion that they’re too old to take one together, but it’s an hour plus process once both sets of kids take baths.  I suppose we could go upstairs and I could just run between the two bathrooms to keep an eye on them, but that doesn’t seem like a good plan.  I’d get a lot of exercise…….


End result:  the pictures were muddy, the crayons resisted okay, but it wasn’t super amazing, that the kids oohed and aaahhhed over.  I remember doing this in elementary school and being amazed.  I’m wondering if she used tempara paint that was watered down.  I don’t know for sure, but ours were rather blah.

I’m thinking next time we’re going to use cool-aid paint that I’ve seen over at Superheroes and Princesses and Frugal Family Fun those keep turning out bright and colorful.  That seems like the plan to me.

So, for more great book-inspired art projects head over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

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