Thursday, April 22, 2010

stART: The Story of Noodles

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So, we read this series of books last week, and it’s a fun set of stories.  It’s about 3 brothers who are trying to solve different problems.  They were popular enough I think we’ve read them a couple of times.  Well, this inspired us to try and make noodles.


We used the recipe found here.  And as happens all too often when I try a new recipe I discovered a few details I had neglected to notice when deciding we were going to do this, mainly that after you mix you’re supposed to let it sit for two hours.  Well, that was so not going to happen.

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As you can see, it’s really a rather messy process.  I was very glad for the pasta maker Jeff’s parents had given him at some point, because rolling that out?  No thank you, the only problem was the part that should have cut them into noodles wasn’t working right, so we had to hand slice them, and I figured out afterwards I needed to cut thinner noodles.

I left some out overnight and the next morning Batman had quite a lot of fun shredding them into little bitty pieces.



But really, for something I had no idea what we were doing they turned out pretty yummy.  I also promised Jeff no more deciding to try projects like this on weeknights, especially not if we have plans for other things that night.

My husband is a wise man, I really should not have tried it then, or at least not without learning more beforehand.  Oh well, they were really yummy, and the other part of our excursion was a definite success.


We went to our local Chinese grocery store, now if we were in a bigger town I would say to learn about Asia (and more specifically China) head over to Chinatown, but we don’t have that, we have a shopping mall.  So we head to our local Hong Kong Market and wandered through the stores.



They were absolutely intrigued with the different vegetables they had, and how we have some of the same vegetables at HEB.

But, the big hit of the trip?




The cat fish tank.  At HEB my kids always want to sit and gawk at the lobster tank.  Now imagine this tank going from their eye level up to the ceiling and you’ve got the effect.  They loved it.

Princess is also happy because I got her a new bigger tea pot, I’m happy because I’m not having to refill it as often (so big secret here, if your little girl is a tea party maniac and you’re willing to let her have a ceramic pot, head over to your local Chinese grocery store, and they have great prices on tea pots galore).

Oh, and here’s my favorite photo of the whole trip:


Isn’t that awesome?




So for more great geography ideas head on over to Debbie at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn. And for more great book inspired art (making noodles is a type of art, isn’t it?) head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

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