Monday, April 26, 2010

Organizing All of your newfound craft stuff

I am not really going to claim I am super organized, but I am going to show you what somewhat works for us, that you probably have, or can get fairly easily.

This is a small bookcase from IKEA.  On it I have most of the kid’s craft stuff.  As you can see organization is still in progress.
In the pencil boxes I have stickers, markers, crayons, scissors, more stickers, more crayons and markers, some glue, small animals for learning games, stamps, and whatever small items fit in there.
In the shoe boxes are wooden supplies: clothespins, popsicle sticks, matchsticks, clothespin doll stands, dowel rods.  In the other shoe boxes are yarn.008
On the side you can also see a box that has our paints.  The top shelf has some workbooks, beads organized by shapes, a small box full of cards the kids can “write.”

This shelf is mostly my stuff, but it now houses googly eyes, sequins, beads, buttons, and ribbons.  By the way, I am always on the lookout for more baby food jars.

This is in the same closet as the bookshelf above.  I bought a bunch of the hanging rods from IKEA.  In the baskets are all the bottles of glue I bought at the Back to School sales that will last us through this year.  I kid you not, we probably go through at least 20 bottles in our house a year.  Come to think of it I could probably put the paint bottles in this as well….. 
The hooks you can barely see underneath hold pencil bags on them of small stuff that fits really well in there.  I’ve put together a craft kit on the go for each of the kids that has a glue stick and scissors in it.  They usually will use this to complete animal booklets or other things like that I’ve made for them.

This is where the supplies the kids have free access to are.  Here, I’ve got their coloring books some markers and crayons.  Occasionally there are scissors or glue sticks in there, but they’re not supposed to be.  Also in there are my dust pan and a plastic tea set for Princess.

Here’s my general rules for crafting:
1.  Make sure you have enough time to complete the craft.
2.  Figure out what works for you.  I’ve figured out multi-step crafts that have to take time between steps don’t really work here.  I usually forget to go back and complete them.
3.    Don’t forget to leave clean up time, I all too often forget to do this.
4.  Let your kids have fun, don’t worry about the product.  It’s about the process.  Enjoy it.
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