Sunday, April 4, 2010

Science Sunday: observation

I had wanted to do an egg experiment for Easter and all, but………  it just so didn’t happen.  So, I’m guess that might be next weeks since we’ll have all of these hard boiled eggs laying around.

Instead, I’ll tell you about our trip to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  We went with another friend who has a 3 year old boy, and spent a lot of time wandering around looking at flowers, but what most interested them was the turtles.
We spent about 10-15 minutes observing them and commenting on them.  It would have been longer, but Princess had an accident.  It was not fun.  So, I did a quick run to the bathroom with her, and that was the end of that trip, but the kids were pretty close to done anyways.
So, here’s what we observed:

Their toes are connected together, so they can swim better.
They stick their noses out of the water to smell.
There is 1 big one that is the Daddy, and two kiddos and a baby.
They eat bugs.
They eat plants.  That means they are omnivores because they eat plants and bugs.  (Can I just say, how much I love Dinosaur Train for teaching my kids the actual names and not dumbing that down? )
I was really enjoying listening to all of their observations, and everything they noticed about this.  It was AWESOME!  I’m eagerly looking forward to the change in the next year or so when they can start writing it down.  I also look forward to showing them how to sketch what they see.  This trip wasn’t the time to try that.  We had friends with us, and they were tired and over stimulated, but another time we will try.

Sadly, the trip to the wildflower center did not get us many great shots of flowers, or bluebonnets.
That’s the best I got.  I got much better pictures of the turtles……  Well, we’ll be heading out soon to go on a bluebonnet hunt and get the traditional bluebonnet pictures.  I’ve been almost crashing the car as I watch them on the side of the road.  Our fall rains have set us up for a beautiful bluebonnet season.  Unlike last year…….

So, I know some of you did much more eggciting experiments this week (I just couldn’t resist).  I’d love for you to link them up.

And I forgot in my Easter basket post to say Cindy over at Little Did I Know gave it to me, so I'm doing that now.

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