Sunday, April 25, 2010

Science Sunday: Volcanoes

I know I said I wanted to blow something up this week, but there was no way I was doing that inside and the one day the weather was good enough to be outside I wasn’t prepared for it, so you’ll have another week to wonder what I’ll do.  And no, it won’t be homemade fireworks.  Jeff convinced me to wait on that until the kids were a little older, but I do have a good project planned.  I just need to actually get a water bottle, we don’t use them, but for this I need one.



Continuing on, we started learning about Washington this week.  I’ve come to the conclusion, that I just can’t do a state a week, I’d like to so I don’t spend two years on states, but it’s not going to happen, I need about two weeks to really do it right.


We read the book above, and I highly recommend it.  When I was checking it out I was a little leary of it, and didn’t get the other book on National parks in Washington they had because I wasn’t sure if they’d like it.  But, it did a really good job of talking through what happens in a volcanic reaction and how it affects the surrounding wildlife.  And it was right on the kids level.  We all enjoyed it.


And of course if you’re going to read about volcanoes, you have to make one.  Now, I’ve seen all of these blog posts where people go all out and build up volcanoes, and all of that, but that’s not me.  Mainly because I didn’t get it organized in time to do that, and they weren’t going to wait for us to build one and the time it would take to dry.  They’re more of a “Do it now Mommy!” type of kids.



I had a bunch more pictures to show you, but Princess was just wearing underwear, so I’ll stick with this one of Batman.  We kept repeating this over and over and over again.  They LOVED it.  But, then I know grown men and women who loves this, so it’s no surprise my preschoolers did.


And hint: our upcoming explosives will use similar materials…….



Afterwards we talked about how lava rocks are made, and we made rice krispie treats to look at how they’re formed.  This part would have made more sense if they were up for learning about the different types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and ___________(I am totally not remembering the third).  Lava rocks are a type of metamorphic if I’m remembering correctly.


And then, just because I was amused we made a second batch of rice krispie treats with non-chocolate, but with leftover marshmallow Easter candy.  Here’s what happened:

025And right after I took that picture I dashed over 2 seconds too late to stop it from going all over my microwave.  See what I do for my blog?  Now I have this great big mess.  And I would highly recommend eating these after eating something.  Wow, was that ever a sugar buzz.  I then took 2 advil to get rid of the resulting sugar headache.  15 years of hypoglycemia and I still haven’t learned my lesson.


If I get in our explosives tomorrow (this is written on Friday), I’ll add them to this post, but I’m not holding my breath……..


I know that Almost Unschoolers does science with food all the time, anyone else have some they did?  As always link up any science related post you have, I love to read them, even if I’m slow to comment sometimes.

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