Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not only did we read books this week, we wrote books!

Robin Hook- after the problem last week with the Blackbeard book this time I read it ahead of time the night before, and while there’s  a page where the sharks knock over the pirate’s boat and he disappears, there’s no picture of the body so the kids didn’t latch onto it at all.  This is much more of my idea of a pirate book for little kids, there’s some sword fights, there’s a little bit of danger, but no dead bodies.

Creepy Castle- this is a wordless book and the kids were absolutely entranced with it.  On each page there is a half page that you can turn to change what is happening.  They loved telling me the story for a change.  Our previous attempts at checking out wordless books haven’t gone well, but this was a HUGE hit.  We read it several times.  I’m going to go back and find more of her books.

One Seal- Simple story, but the kids had a blast going through and identifying all of the animals and telling what was happening on the wordless pages.

How Many baby Pandas- of the ones I’m featuring this week, this was least liked, but it was still really popular.  This was one of those golden weeks, where we didn’t have one miss.  Oh wait we did, but that’s not here.  Really super cute, and the kids had fun going through and counting all the panda babies.

The Princess Knight- Jeff rolled his eyes at this a little, but the kids all loved it, and especially the boys.  The Princess is raised by her Dad after her Mom dies, and he doesn’t know how to raise a girl after all those boys, and so he treats her just like a boy.  It is super cute, and has a very fun ending.  And if you have any older kids, check out her chapter books.  There’s one I’m dyeing to share with Princess in a few years, Igraine the Brave, and she’s got a whole slew of great adventure books (she’s the author of Inkheart [such a disappointing movie after the book, ugh], Dragon Rider……, I LOVE her books).

Lucky Pennies and Hot Chocolate- We were less than 5 pages in when they wanted to know what knock knock jokes were, then they spent another 5 minutes telling ones that made even less sense than usual and laughing like madmen.  Needless to say it was quite popular, and I liked the twist ending.  So sweet.

Sigh, no pictures of this, but the last two days my kids have been busy writing stories about Diego and all of his wonderful adventures saving animals.  I search out lots and lots of pictures of Diego online, copy them all into a document and then print it out.
Once I get pictures I’ll write more about them.

Now, I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been reading.  Head on over to Natalie’s blog Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.  And Natalie, I think Anna would love all of these except the first one, but my guess is the last two would be her favorites :).

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