Thursday, April 15, 2010

There’s gold in them thar hills

Or that was the theory……

This is loosely inspired by Nine for California, I say loosely because when I was finding out about the book it said takes place during the time of the gold rush in 1849, and so I was all excited.  And then, it’s actually about the family coming to join their Dad who has been working for a year in the California gold rush.  It’s an awesome book, don’t get me wrong, just not what I was thinking.

Summary: Ma and her 5 kids are travelling to California by stagecoach with 3 other people (hence 9 for California) and it’s all about how she entertains her kids as they travel to California with things out of her bag.

Materials needed: rocks from your back yard, and gold paint (I had gold paint leftover from my wedding when I gilded the edges of some of the books we were displaying), paper plates to paint it all on



First, wash your rocks.  This is essential if you want the paint to stick.  Besides it gives them practice at washing something they can’t really break or hurt.  And you get to play in water, what kid doesn’t love to play  in water.  Mine certainly do.





Now let them paint, and then paint some more.



  Anyone else’s kids crouch like that?  Or is it just mine?  I swear my kids don’t sit half the time unless I tell them to.

Then the rocks sat in our house for a few days or week or so because we kept having weather that wouldn’t work for our gold hunt in the backyard, or the weather was good and we were busy with something else.  Finally I sent them outside after randomly hiding the gold, and they’d found most of them before I found my camera.  So imagine 2 boys happily running around as their sister sits and pouts because I didn’t do what she wants.

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And for more great book inspired art and activities, I admit this isn’t so much art, head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures, where you’re sure to see lots of super cute ideas!

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