Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are beautiful

First let me start off explaining this post, Kim over at Mom Tried It is sponsoring a blog hop of sorts.  It’s not about gaining readers, or getting compliments, it’s a celebration of the fact that we are beautiful (start playing sappy music now).  There is so much in our culture that reinforces stereotypes and uncertainties that we as women have, that it’s good from time to time to stop and remember that we are beautiful.

I may not always remember that, but my kids certainly do.  It’s fun to have Batman come running up to me and give me a great big hug and say, “Mommy you’re bootiful.”

So, I was going to change into my bathing suit and have my boys take pictures of me in honor of this to show I’m not going to hide the parts of me I’m not “proud of",” or what have you, but that just didn’t happen today.  Instead, I give you a lovely rendition of the horrible pictures they’ve taken of me in the past.
025 004 074 005
Yes, that last picture is Princess brushing my hair.  So, I look at these pictures, and I see my shirts do not fit as they used to.  My stomach is no longer the “adolescent abdomen,” I had before kids.  I have this weirdly long neck, that is nicely called a “ballet neck,” or if you’re being mean a goose neck, or what have you.  I think I have chipmunk teeth sometimes, and my hair is rather bland.

But, here’s the reality of it all is  I’m not.  I’m a Princess, all girls are.  I’m a Chosen Daughter of God, and I’m his Princess.  I am beautiful because God created me, He formed me in my mother’s womb, and called me by name.  I am part of His wonderful creation, just as the earth is part of His wonderful creation and that points us to the marvel and beauty of our Creator.  Because if He can create something as marvelous and wonderful as our world, and the beauty we see in it, how much more AMAZING is He?

So, I could take satisfaction in Jeff finding me beautiful, or my kids, but ultimately, the thing that I find my beauty and my amazement and my fulfillment in is God, because ultimately He is the best way to find fulfillment and peace.

Sorry Kim, I don’t think this is quite where you intended it to go, but that’s kind of where I ended up at.

I'm also linking up to Delicious Ambiguity.

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