Sunday, September 13, 2009

Giveaway and Review: SpellQuizzer

I got contacted about a week ago to review and host a giveaway of a product called Spellquizzer. I emailed him back and said my kids aren't reading yet, but if you don't mind it being my input I was up for the challenge.

So, here goes. I think my boys are right on the verge of being able to use this. It'll take some teaching to show them how, but they can do this. Here's what you do:

1. Download the program here. Install it and open.

2. You can use their premade spelling lists, or there are group lists here made by the other users already there.

3. As you're making your list type in the word, then you can choose to use a reminder phrase. I did because then my kids can see the word they're typing, which is the level they're at now. Then you say the word aloud and record it to be played back.

4. Once you've made your list save it. And, this is all super easy to do, that's what I loved about it. I had so much fun thinking up words for them to type.

5. Now, put your kid in your lap and let them have fun typing their words. If you actually are practicing spelling words the program says the word to type, and they type it in. Then it tells you if the word is spelled right. For my kids the listened to the word being read and typed it as it was.

+++ Side note, I had emailed him back with a concern that the reminder phrase was kind of small for beginning readers, and I was amazed at how quickly he's gotten back to me. He's already sent me a beta patch to try out with my kids. I downloaded it last night, and it's just about the perfect size, I'd like it a hair larger, but I probably make the font too large anyways.+++

I can see so many uses for this. This is a great way to practice typing skills. Superman loves to sit on my lap and type words, and this would be a great way for him to sit and do it forever with his premade list. It also ends using endless amounts of paper for spelling drills (I know you could have done that just using another typing program, but does that read it to you?).

There is a site for homeschoolers, that I haven't checked out, but given what I've seen so far, and how responsive he's been to my emails (I think I've sent him about 5 so far with questions), I think it's going to be a great site with lots of tips.

So, I can really and truthfully say I love this product. I admit I'm a bit of a nerd, and have a fondness for things like this.

++Legal mumbo jumbo: I received a free copy of this to try out, I have not been paid for my review, and these opinions are all mine.++

Now, to the fun part for ya'll, I get to giveaway one of these to ya'll, and since there's no mail to worry about this is open to ANYONE!

How to get entries:

1. Tell me your favorite thing to practice reading or writing skills, I always like to see more great ideas. This one is mandatory.

2. Start to follow me, or tell me you already are. Another entry.

3. Blog about it and give me the link back. This is two entries, make two separate comments for each entry.

4. For a final entry you can give me an idea for spelling practice that's not on the computer (I know a bunch from teaching, but would love to hear some other ideas).

Don't forget to make sure I have a way to contact you. This is a really cool product and you want to get a chance to win it. This giveaway ends 2 weeks from now on September 27.
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