Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot date with Mommy

So, one thing I remember quite vividly from my childhood is going on occasional "hot dates" with my Dad. We would go out somewhere just the two of us and hang out. I remember one time going up to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, and I found the coolest rock there. While we were driving back we made a bet on what time we would get back. I said something like 1:37 and he said 1:30, something like that. Well, we were getting home, and he was going to be spot on. But then, he said as the husband of the PTA president it was his job to make sure the school was safe, so we needed to drive around the school a couple of times. We did that and got home at 1:33, so he declared as the holder of the rock I got to have the rock.

Why do I tell you that story? Mostly because I think it's a cool story, but partially so that you understand why I think having one on one time with a parent and kid is super important. In theory we're going out about once a month with one parent to one kid, and one Mimi to one kid (we do have 3 kids). So, this time I went out with Superman and had a jolly good time.

Here he shows off his artwork and his writing skills. He wrote his name under the sticker I put on it.

We ordered the oh so yummy and amazingly rich shot deserts....... Yeah, so I'm hypoglycemic, which basically means too much sugar makes me act like I'm drunk. If I'd actually finished one I would have been staggering like the best of them.


Superman wanted to take a picture. He's my artistic one. It's kind of amusing, he colors and colors and colors, but freaks out if he gets paint on his hand.

Afterwards we went by Target and he got to pick out a toy, he got a Batman helicopter that shoots stuff.

Princess got to go to Chuck E Cheese with Daddy, and Batman got to go to Ikea and play around in there and the Disney Store with Mimi. All around this was a big success.
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