Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picnic on the Driveway and playing games

So, I have not clue why I decided this would be fun, but I did. It's been threatening to rain, but not actually raining for about a week now. So I decided to see if I could give it that final nudge and we had a picnic outside.

I made about half a loaf of bread of PBandJ sandwiches, grabbed some chips, a blanket, and a few cans of soda.


We had lots of fun eating. Despite the small mountain of sandwiches I made, I only got to eat 1. One lousy half of a sandwich, the kids ate all the rest. That's okay, while they were napping I made spaghetti, and happily sat and ate and watched Project Runway.


Poor O-Mite kept trying to fly away, so I weighed him down with my phone.


Well, while Princess finished eating the boys were getting restless, so I suggested they count while I hid O-Mite. They thought this was the best idea ever!



We took turns helping O-Mite hide, he really seemed to like to hide in the bushes. Finally, Princess finished so we went for a walk to go get the mail.



As we walked, they of course discovered there is grass that was tall grass, so we had to pick some. Because it's pretty. I kid you not.


Eventually we played hide and seek with lots of toys.

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