Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Making Friends Monday (cough cough, really it's Monday)

This week, Friend Makin Monday is being hosted by ae filkins and there is a list of 20 questions to answer. Here goes!!!

1. Do you cook every night? Every week I plan out what I'm going to cook for the night. The reality very rarely looks like that. But, I do cook most nights

2. What kind of laundry detergent do you use & why? I think I have Shout right now. Honestly I buy the box that says it has the most loads, and I buy the HE soap because our washer wants that, and I don't want to break another washer.

3. Do you do laundry every day or loads at a time? In theory I do laundry every day. However I find putting the clothes away tedious, so it doesn't happen as often as I might like.

4. How often do you eat out per week? About once a week for dinner. I do use most of my spending money taking the kids out to eat, it's hard to get errands done in a short enough amount of time before they want to eat again.

5. Where do you usually eat out? Wherever I have a coupon to. Yes, I am cheap like that! {smile}

6. What is your favorite retail store? hmmmm..... Probably Wal-Mart and Target, those are where I go most often. Now if you could include craft stores...... Then I'd have to say Joann's, especially since a new one opened within 2 miles of me.

7. What's your favorite thing to drink? Dr Pepper. It's always a sad time when we're traveling and we leave the South where Dr Pepper is so dominant. When we were on our honeymoon in London, my brand new husband was nice enough to find a store that had Dr Pepper and he bought a 12 pack for me.

8. Do you take vitamins? What kind? I really should, I'm so bad at eating veggies, but no I don't.

9. What percentage of the household chores to you do? Not as much as I should, answering these questions is my current method of putting off cleaning. Actually I'm being distracted from finishing up a dress I'm making for me. But, I do the lion's share of the chorse since I'm at home "all day." Notice that's in quotes, really who's home all day as a stay at home Mom?

10. Do your children do chores? {Or will they, did they, etc} Yes, right now the 2 chores they get paid for are to clean their room and to make their bed. They also are expected to help keep the downstairs clean, unload the dishwasher, set the table, and help with mopping and sweeping. I've often posted pictures of the evil slavedriver Mom that I am.

11. Do you go to church? Yes

12. Do you have a housework schedule? I make schedules, and then I don't stick to them.

13. Do you keep a working budget? Yes, more or less. We listen to Dave Ramsey, and pay cash for most things. So if we want to eat out I have to have cash in the eating out wallet. I also have cash for groceries, and cash for me to spend during the week. This way we don't go into debt. We are very blessed to be COMPLETELY debt free.

14. What do you do at night as a family? That kind of depends on the night. Monday nights we do some kind of family thing, we do a Bible study and then we'll watch a movie together or play games or something. After the kids go to bed my husband and I often play World of Warcraft together (yes we are gaming geeks).

15. How do you prepare yourself for a new week? I write a meal plan and look over what I need for school. I mostly do grocery shopping on Mondays and write most of my posts then, except for the random post I come up with on the fly like this one.

16. What do your mornings look like? I drag myself out of bed and then grunt at people for an hour or so as I check emails and fiddle around on the computer. While I do that the kids watch TV and eat breakfast. It's how I survive.

17. What time do you get up in the mornings? Somewhere between 7 and 8.

18. What time do you go to bed at night? Anywhere between 10 and midnight. I'm a night owl.

19. How do you manage all of the paperwork that floods into your household? {bills, school work, magazines, ads, etc} I let it pile up until it threatens to fall over and kill me. Then I threaten it, since it didn't listen to my threats I separate it into lots of different piles that I foist off on Jeff. Then he grumbles about the sudden pile of stuff that's appeared on his office chair, and why aren't we more organized.
Ummm..... Truthfully, I sort it into different piles when I get the mail. Bills and such stuff I put on Jeff's office chair. Magazines, catalogs, and the rest I sort through and trash or keep. Catalogs usually get kept and I flip through them and think about ordering stuff, but never actually do, until the catalog gets horribly ripped up and then I throw it away.

20. How do you keep your household organized? {calendars, charts, etc} I have a big dry erase calendar hanging in the kitchen. It has everything we're doing for a month, then underneath it is an annual calendar, on that I put anything that doesn't fit within that month. I also occasionally remember to put thing in my Iphone to remind me. That and I email myself stuff to remember. Like mother like daughter, my Mom does the same thing.

That's my 20 questions, now I'm off to start cooking dinner, or at least getting it all put together to cook later.
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