Friday, September 11, 2009

Nursery Rhyme: apple

After the fiasco of last week I decided to step back and go for super simple. It may not be quite as satisfying to me, but this way the kids and I aren't butting heads.

Way Up High in the Apple Tree

This one is super duper easy.

1. Cut out the poem first and glue it to the top of your page. I'm working on the kids noticing that book pages go in a certain order, and they should glue the next poem on the next page. They didn't care. They just glued it down randomly. So, we'll have a blank page or two, and that's okay.

2. Color the tree and it's leaves. Of course the more color you put on the tree the better? Right...... Okay, so that's my kid's belief. Notice Superman actually did a pretty good job keeping in the lines.

3. Now cut out the tree and the leaves, and glue them together.

4. Now for the fun part. Get a small bit of red paint. Stick your finger in it, and put 3 dots on the tree for the three apples.

Super cute, and super easy. Of course I had to do Superman's apples, because he's on a whole don't touch the paint kick, but aside from that, it went well.

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