Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain Rain Come again right now

Last Friday we went out to see if our friend had come to visit yet. We headed out in a light sprinkle


We of course got there just as the mail man was, so we walked around the block and then got the mail. I stuffed it all under my shirt and ran back to the house as it started to pour!

So while I ran the mail inside, the kids happily played in the rain.

Batman frolicing in the rain. I know, you don't usually describe boys as frolicing, but how else do you describe that picture?

So, Princess saw that Superman had taken off his shirt to keep it from getting wet (it would be a travesty if his precious robot jammies shirt got wet, then he couldn't wear it), of course that meant she HAD to take off her shirt. "It was wet." I hear that so often when I discover her with no shirt or something else she's desperately trying to take off.

And of course what's a time playing outside without some mindless screaming?

Once I had coaxed them inside and they were thoroughly soaked, O-Mite had finally come in the mail. Everyone was so excited. Not a super exciting post, but I was so happy to see rain.
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