Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Museum Membership

Okay, here's why the membership to the Austin's Children's Museum works for me.

I make a point to try and visit there at least once a month since we have the membership. So I'm not going to include that in our total of how much we've saved.

But when we went on our trip I looked up all the places that were on the way that were part of the reciprocal program. Since we were traveling up I-35 that led me to a list of about 20 places. Some weren't exactly on our way, but a lot of them were. I sent that in an email to myself so whenever we were approaching the city I could just bring it up and we'd know where to go. So, here's where we went and how much it would have cost for all of us to get in.

Premier Membership: $125

Union Station: $47.5
Central Wisconsin Children's Museum: $18
Science Museum, Oklahoma City: $65.80
La Crosse Children's Museum: $25

TOTAL: $156.30

So, I've already recouped the costs of the membership this year! This TOTALLY works for me!
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