Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Swap activity one: Texas Book

We had a blast last week working on our Texas book to get ready for the Super Summer Swap we're doing!

First they traced the letters on the front. I'm teaching them to write capital letters first, from what I've read those are easier to teach (mostly straight lines and they all start at the same place).

Princess treated this more as a color like crazy activity, but since I'm not concentrating on her writing now just including her in the boys' activities I'm not worried about it.


I'm fairly sure that is Batman coloring there...... I think.

Batman's two fisted coloring. He does it just to make me take pictures and then he grins at me.

Now they got to color the different pages. I used this as a follow directions and identify colors in a huge tub of lots of colors activity. I said find blue and color the flowers blue........ Etc..... Also, we used it to work on the fine motor skills of coloring a large area. Superman is doing much better at this than Batman, but he's also the one in our family who loves to color. He takes his time and colors it all.

Oh, and I've rediscovered that coloring with crayons is so much better. You can still see the lines that give details, but it is nice and bright. Yes, I know that markers will cover more ground more quickly, but I like crayons. What can beat the smell of a new box of crayons?

And, here's the sheets we used to make our Texas books, for anyone who wants them. Included are the different information pages I made up, and an early reading game to color, cut out, and put in order (and for anyone who's curious, these are from when I was teaching first grade).

Wow, these are taking forever to upload......
Texas State Info
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