Friday, August 7, 2009

Creation Days 2 and 3

So, we started off our learning about the Creation week with a bang! First we learned about light and dark in day 1 and then painted about it.

We kept up with our crazy Creation book, so here goes.

Day 2 God created separated the sky from the waters, so I followed the instructions in the "My Father's World" curriculum to make the craft, and have suggestions for changing it if you do this.

Here's what we did:

Get paper, blue and green.

Tear blue and green papers in half. Glue the blue on the top half and the green on the bottom. Then color blue all over the green paper. This didn't turn out well.

Instead I'd suggest a piece of blue paper and you color the bottom half with paint and crayons. Coloring with the crayons first and then using water colors afterwards to do a crayon resist.

What did work for us: We added cotton balls at the top to represent the clouds that formed.

Day 3

So on Day 3 God made separated the waters from the land and made all of the plants and stuff. This takes a little prep ahead of time.

A couple of days beforehand pick some leaves. Find a nice big phonebook and stick them in there between some paper towels.

The day of gather cardstock, blue and green construction paper (use the other half of the sheet from Day 2), glue, markers, and a small cup or bucket of dirt.

Glue the blue paper on the bottom, cover part of the blue with the green for the land.

If you're Batman, you need all of your green paper, and then all scraps of your brother and sister. It took a lot of glue for that all to stick down.

Now take your papers, a bottle of glue and go outside for the dirt. Paint glue randomly on the green area.

Then happily sprinkle as much dirt on your paper as you can.


Show off what you've done so far.

Then, while they're napping, you come in with the super breakable plants, why did I pick feverfew? It'd break into little bitty pieces if I let them do this part. Spread the glue all over and put the little pieces of plants on. Actually I know why I picked it, because I think it looks like a tree on the paper.

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