Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who will I marry


Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you a funny story, that really shows a lot of thinking skills from Batman. Or maybe this is just an excuse to post a wedding photo

As we sat at dinner on Monday talking over the day and such things the kids started going back over again the different family relationships. Jeff said that I was his wife, so then they started trying to figure out what that means. So Batman said, "and Mommy is my wife too?" Well, this could be a slight problem, so we explained I couldn't be his wife because I'm married to Daddy.

The next natural question came, "then who will I marry?" I don't know, you don't get married for a very long time.

So, he thinks on this a little bit, and then comes up with a brilliant plan! Obviously if he can't marry Mommy, then he should marry Princess! He was very disappointed when he learned he couldn't marry his sister.

The conversation eventually dropped, and I thought it was all over...... Little did I know.


So, yesterday they were playing with a neighbor girl and got into their closet. At this point the only thing we store in their closet is outgrown clothes. He found his ring bearer outfit from when his Uncle Sean and Aunt Jenn got married. So he puts it on and shows it to me. I say, "That's what you wore when Uncle Sean and Aunt Jenn got married."

"Oh, I got married?"

"No, you helped when Uncle Sean got married."

"Oh, I wear this when I get married?"


Sigh, I can see he's still working through this, but it'll get there soon. I'm sure. Or at least I hope so, it did take about 2 weeks for them to work through about my Dad being dead, so I foresee another long 2 weeks.

Hey, I've done pretty good, 2 posts, emails answered, and checked a few things on facebook, all within a few minutes of my 30 minute goal
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