Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Experiments in the Sun

Also known as, why did it have to rain on that day?


First we got some grapes. We put these in little metal cups to see how long it would take to turn into raisins. It took about 5-6 days, and they're kind of raisiny looking now. I will say if you want an instant results experiment that is not it. Go for the next one:

Shadow measuring. We started off the morning lining everyone up on the sidewalk and drawing a box around them. That was so I knew where to have them stand next time we came out.

Then I drew a line where their shadow ended and then have them make a prediction of where their shadow would be when we came out again.


We would come out approximately once an hour. Each time we came out our shadows had grown shorter. The boys eventually caught on and changed their predictions to reflect that.

After our 1:00 measuring they went in for their nap. When we came out at 3:00 the clouds had covered up the sun, so no shadow. Instead they got to predict why they didn't have a shadow. They all were able to explain that the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Score!

the different shadow measurements, and our final 3:00 measurement with no shadow.

At 3:00 the experiment was called on account of rain
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