Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Summer Swap part 2


I've been forgetting to post about this for the past week and a half..... It's sad. The boys got their packages. They have loved them.

They got 2 postcards, a picture of their friends. They had to take the picture to bed so they could have their friend near them.

They also got a cool book of mazes and a dry erase marker to use them. It helped me remember about how wonderful page protectors are for turning anything into a dry erase board.

They also got an I spy bag. It's a bean bag with one side being made of clear plastic. It's stuffed with lots of rice and pasta letters and different things to find. They've been having fun looking through it and finding stuff. I'll have to remember this for future car trips.

We had a blast swapping with everyone, and are looking forward to the next time we do this.
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